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The Kit

The Kit

Macaroons-Macaroons is a home making kit for
preparation of the exquisite famous French dessert at home.
A brand new product in worldwide culinary!
What is included:
  • 24 delicate half-macaroon biscuits;
  • 3 sterilised containers with different flavoured fillings;
  • 1 wooden, ecologically-friendly spatula
The home making kit allows the
consumer to prepare 12 macaroons.
Shelf life and storage instructions – 6 months,
to be stored at temperature 18°C bis 20°C
Preparation Instructions
Preparation Instructions Use the wooden spatula to place a portion of the filling (approximately a quarter of a container) in the middle of one half-macaroon biscuit. Preparation Instructions Position the other half-macaroon biscuit on top and turn one against the other to ensure an even spread of the filling. Preparation Instructions Place in the fridge for the filling to be absorbed by the half-macaroon biscuits. The traditional French recipe calls for a slow absorption to make the product soft inside and crisp on the outside.

Baked semi-prepared product (sugar, almond flour, dried egg white, water-retaining agent (glycerin), nature-identical flavouring “Almond”, colourants (carmin, curcumin , green)), fillings (sugar,converted starch, dried whole milk, dried skimmed milk, dried lactoserum , lactose, thickener (calcium alginate), salt, natural flavouring substances, colourants (betacarotin, curcumin, carmin, riboflavin, E171).
Nutritional value per 100g:
Protein -7,8g, Fat-15,5g, of which saturates -1,5g, Carbohydrate -70,5g,
of which sugars - 67,7g, sodium -0,18g. Energy per 100g-1901 kJ/453 kcal.

Allergens: contains almond, milk and egg products.

Logistical information

Product Name Flavour Box
weight (g)
Number of
macaroons in
Number of boxes in
corrugated box
box (kg)
Box bar code Corrugated box bar code Shelf Life
Home Making
various 138 12 10 1,38 4602073016849 4602073017167 6 months, to be stored at temperature 18(+)3


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