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Macaroons are a legendary French dessert which is unbelievably light, delicate and fashionable. The process of preparing macaroons is both time consuming and delicate. The recipe relies on a particular ingrediant - almond flour, which retains all the benefits of almonds while giving macaroons their exquisite flavour and delicate aroma.

Two delicate alomond biscuits are joined by a special cream, which is absorbed by the biscuits all the way to the crust, but without affecting the crispy crust - this is what makes the legendary macaroons!
There are many legends and presumptions as to where this special sweet treat originally came from. It is generally accepted that macaroons were first created in Italy in the Middle Ages. Back then, however, the dessert was not presented in two parts and instead resembled a simple almond biscuit. Its debut in France coincides with the time when Catherine de'Medici married Henry II. It was in France and thanks to the efforts of Pierre Desfontaines that macaroons first acquired the form and taste which is familiar to us today. The culinary maestro discovered a chocolate cream filling during his travels in Switzerland and upon his return to France experimented joining the macaroon biscuits with various fillings. This is the macaroon form we are familiar with today - delicate and exquisite.
Who will macaroons appeal to?
  • macaroons will most popular with consumers with original taste who are aware of all of the latest trends, travel the world and try all that is new;
  • the use of almound flour instead of wheat flour or any other type of flour will make macaroons appealing to those who are looking after their figure;
  • macaroons will prove indispensable to those looking to threat themselves and their friends and family to an exquisite dessert, which can be found in the best patisseries in France;
  • macaroons are gluten-free and would therefore be perfect for anyone with gluten intolerance;
  • And of course - to everyone with a sweet-tooth!
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